Monday, February 06, 2006

twisted meditation

I've stood up on this cliff, overlooking the plains,

experiencing firsthand the breeze, of what that will remain,

for quickly as it comes and leaves,

i break down, i'm on my knees.

what has happened, what went past?

the promises of christmas last,

for i am weakened, long ago,

there is no redemption for my soul.

what is vague and what is true,

what the hell did happen to you?

so many different sides of me,

but i only show the side you see.

i have such fun, i suffer more,

revenge will make me settle a score,

i am at battle, i am enraged,

the whole world has become a stage.

and then its quiet. there's not a sound,

a moment of silence all around,

eyes are closed, my breaths are deep,

meditation's just like sleep.

all these elements, i've shut it out,

no more blending in the crowd,

and once again i see me,

alas, the only side i want to see.